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Stokes Foods, Inc. supplies the patented Stokes Purple® sweet potato. We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality sweet potatoes at nominal prices.

Our Stokes Purple sweet potatoes are grown on family farms amidst one of North Carolina's most unique and natural landscapes in and around Stokes County.  The climate and soil composition of the land surrounding Hanging Rock State Park, the Sauratown Mountain Range and Pilot Mountain produces a sweet potato unusually rich in natural purple color and nutrients, both of which are retained after cooking.

Reversing today's trend toward global production and processing, Stokes Purple is an exciting new crop which allows rural NC communities to do what they do best - grow and package exceptional products.  Corresponding economic growth enhances entrepreneurship and job opportunities while preserving our natural resources and agricultural heritage.




North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission

North Carolina Farm Bureau

Rural Advancement Foundation